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Surgery Telephone Numbers & Address:

Appointments & Enquiries:

01792 522526


01792 522530


Strawberry Place Surgery 
5 Strawberry Place

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Surgery Opening Times:


Opening Times :

 Monday - Friday

 8.00am to 6.00pm

Telephone access 8.00am - 6.30pm

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How to make an Appointment:

Appointments are required to attend morning and afternoon surgery. The appointment line is open from 8.00am, Monday to Friday.

Please note that between 8am and 10am the practice receives a high volume of calls from patients who require appointments. If your call does not relate to an appointment, you may wish to avoid this time to make your call.

The surgery operates Doctor Triage appointments. If you require an on the day or future appointment, please telephone between the hours of 8am and 10am, your details will be taken by the receptionist and passed to the Doctor who will ring you back and arrange an appointment.

Doctor Appointments: Monday to Friday


8.00am - 10.00am Doctor Triage
10.30am - 12.45pm Appointments


3.00pm - 5.30pm

Nurse Appointments: Monday to Friday


8.00am - 12.50pm
Advanced Bookable Appointments


2.00pm - 5.20pm
Advanced Bookable Appointments
(3.00pm - 5.20pm Thursday)

Although every effort is made to keep to appointment times, these can only be approximate as there may sometimes be a delay because of emergencies.

If you are unable to keep an appointment please click here for instructions. Always let us know so that your appointment time can be allocated to another patient.

If you are late for an appointment because of circumstances beyond your control then we will try our best to see you, but you may be offered an appointment on another day.

You can make an appointment with any doctor, but for urgent appointments you will be seen by any available doctor. Every effort will be made for you to be seen by the Doctor of your choice but this is not always possible.

You may ask to be seen by a male or female doctor, if you have a sensitive problem, and we will do our best to arrange this, providing there is a doctor of that sex available.

Should you have an urgent medical problem please click here.

Sometimes patients wish to see a clinician of their choice, we will address such requests and will meet the requirement where possible.

Where patients age 16-74 who request an appointment and have not attended for a consultation or a clinic appointment in the last 3 years, arrangements will be made for a medical exam or enquiries to be undertaken which appear to be appropriate.

Patients aged 75 years and over will be invited for an assessment on an annual basis. If any of these patients are housebound arrangements will be made for a medical examination or enquiries that appear to be appropriate in the circumstances.

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Fast track self booking in system:

If you have an appointment booked with the Doctor or Nurse, you have a choice of not booking in at reception desk. There is a self booking in machine located to the right as you enter the building, the instructions are simple to use and it notifies the Doctor that you have arrived in surgery.

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How to Cancel an Appointment:

If you cannot keep your appointment with the Doctor or Nurse, please click here to view the methods available for cancelling your appointment.

It is really important to let us know if you need to cancel, because it enables us to offer your appointment to someone else.

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Practice Services:

Full details of the services offered by our practice can be found by clicking here.

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Dental Problems:

If you have an urgent dental problem such as toothache or a dental abscess you should see a dentist not your GP.

If you have a regular dentist you should telephone them and arrange an urgent appointment. If they are closed there should be an answerphone message with the phone number of the local dentist covering emergencies. If you have trouble getting through call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

Advice is available from dental advisors regarding all dental problems from the British dental health foundation (BDHF). Their contact details and web site can be found by clicking here.

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